IVY Language School

After School Intensive Course

IVY After Intensive Course aims to teach children to:

  • Take turns through fun games.
  • Improve listening comprehension through conversation and childrens' DVDs.
  • Learn self expression through art and crafts.
  • Develop writing skills.
  • Learn basic phonics and acquire reading skills.
  • Learn geography and other cultures through activities and play with teachers and classmates from around the world.

Class program

  • T-Sound - acquire correct English sounds with phonics.
  • Reading skills - learn letter association, vowels, consonants and word recognition.
  • Writing skills - promote good spelling habits.
  • Mathematics - simple addition and subtraction, this will help children to acquire and apply the skills they need to solve problems they encounter in daily life.
  • Craft - 'Junk' Art. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by using 'trash' to make treasures.
  • Finger plays and Nursery Rhymes - memorization and recitation of classic nursery rhymes.
  • Puzzles and Board Games - promote strategic thinking, teamwork and turn-taking by learning to play both classic and new board and puzzle games!

Class schedule:
Class hours : 14:30 to 17:30
Class days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

We are planning to open classes on other days as well.
Please contact us for more detail.

Application fee (入学金): ¥31,500
Miscellaneous/year (雑費/年間):¥21,000
Insurance/year (保険/年間):¥1,100

  One month One day One Hour
週3日 ¥43,630 ¥3,636 ¥1,212
週2日 ¥31,800 ¥3,975 ¥1,325
週1日 ¥18,500 ¥5,046 ¥1,682